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September 2021

  • Workflow in the lab and normal histology/cytology

  • “Benign” vs. “malignant” and “How does a pathologist get to a diagnosis?”

  • Introduction to whole slide imaging

  • Major areas of interest (applications) for AI in pathology

  • Best practices for AI algorithm development

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(Basic Course – for Computer Scientists)
  • Basics and evolution of machine learning

  • Application of machine learning to pathology

  • AI and pathology: experiences in selected subspecialties

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(Basic Course – for Pathologists)
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(Advanced Course – for Pathologists &
Computer Scientists)
  • Artificial intelligence in pathology: from prototype to product

  • Illustrating state-of-the-art AI applications (industry short presentations)

  • Regulatory requirements for DP/AI in primary diagnosis

  • Legal aspects of AI in medical imaging and explainability

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