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The Vision

The integration of the latest scientific findings, fast and safe diagnostic processes, and the comprehensibility of results for both pathologists and patients are crucial for advancing the field of pathology. The complexity of pathological decisions, particularly in oncology, has increased enormously. At the same time, increasing digitalization is providing pathologists with ever more powerful tools to effectively support these decisions, e.g., AI methods. The key players in this field are internationally positioned. EMPAIA International has developed a comprehensive approach to drive forward the necessary international developments, standardization and cooperation.

The EMPAIA approach combines:

  • Research, technological innovation and digitalization

  • Standardization based on existing initiatives and beyond

  • Multidisciplinary cooperation

  • Support with your certification

  • User-centered approach, including pathologists and patients


By adopting this comprehensive approach, the transformation of pathology through digitalization and AI can lead to significant advancements in medical science, improved healthcare outcomes, and positive contributions to the well-being of both pathologists and patients.

EMPAIA International fosters collaboration with a broad range of stakeholders, including pathologists, patients, healthcare providers, technology companies and policymakers, to ensure the development of integrative and user-centered solutions. One of our goals is to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration to leverage different perspectives and expertise.

If you would like to know what EMPAIA can do for you and your company and find out about the benefits of membership,

click here                                          or contact our office for more individual advice.

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